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yes he is oh, yes he is ♪ hallelujah. >> glory. good morning on this friday, october 5th. it feels like fall again. a nice clear shot of the washington monument right there. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. let's talk to tucker barnes about the difference in the weather. >> you guys have just said t we lost the humidity, we cooled
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the temperatures over night and we're shaping up for a good- hooking friday. let's get to your radar. nice and quiet. nothing to feature. got a little fog in a few sheltered valleys here. that is about it. temperature have fallen back into the 50s and low 60s here in the city. and kids headed to the bus stop, that kind of thing, probably the jacket needs to return. my suggestion is enjoy today and tomorrow because we have much cooler air on the way for the end of the weekend. details coming up in just a minute. back to you. >> thank you. our top stories this morning begin with a health alert. thirty-five cases of meningitis have now been reported across the country. five people have died including one in maryland and one in
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virginia. doctors say awful those infected received steroid injections for back pain. this form of meningitis is not contagious. president obama is returning to the battleground state of virginia this morning. he is due to speak at george mason university. he then heads to another university in ohio. mr.obama will speak at cleveland state university this afternoon. in northwest d.c., four people including one firefighter are recovering after a fire on k street. one person had to jump from a window and is in serious condition. the injured firefighter is expected to be okay. no word on what caused last night's fire. the reflecting pool in front of the lincoln memorial is empty again. during the two-year $35 million renovation, the pool was reengineered to draw river watt ferreira the tidal basin
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instead of city drinking water. the level of ozone wasn't collaborated correctly. it has been one year since the death of apple founder steve jobs but the company is doing better than ever. >> some were worried that apple would not succeed without its founding father. >> reporter: one year ago, apple's cofounder, steve jobs, passed away. >> we just lost one of the greatest entrepreneurs, steve jobs. >> he meant so much in my life from that end of steve jobs that are we going to miss something in the future worries me. >> reporter: as it seems, apple continues to shine brightly. its stock is up about # 0% since this time last year. >> the company is going gangbusters on wall street. they've touched 700 and stayed
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there for a while. >> reporter: at least one analyst saying tim cook deserves some cede joi. he is doing fantastic. he was stepping in there when steve jobs was on his various medical leaves. -- some credit. he is doing fantastic. >> reporter: preorders of the five own 5 surpassed two million in just 4 hours. it is undenialable that jobs laid the foundation to the apple empire. >> his greatest achievement was that he created a company, an organism which lives on and has thrived that has thrived in the hands of his children as it were. there isn't a greater legacy for him if he were around to savor it. we still have plenty ahead, your weather, traffic and all
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your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. starts now. fur. that is a live look outside at reagan national airport. lots of lights so that means we can see. no fog, very little humidity but we'll let the expert talk about that in just a second. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's get to tucker barnes to talk about today. >> it is gorgeous. i'm a little distracted by what you have going on behind you there. >> i amalfunction, sort of. >> a little frightened when i saw that. a beautiful friday. lots of sunshine with much hoer humidity and high temperature topping out near 80.
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if you can sneak out of work and enjoy the day, do so. 64 in washington. 54 at dulles. looking at our radar, nice and quiet. not featuring any rain showers today. that is just some low level moisture there close to the radar site out in sterling. we are not expecting rain today. today should be nice and quiet. we will have a chaps for a few showers later tomorrow and sunday right now looks rather cloudy. a little gloomy with scattered showers and much cooler air on the way. i will have details on that in just a minute. >> thank you very much. let's check in with julie wright. >> hey, julie. >> hi, wisdom. he's all excited. >> it's friday. everybody is excited. >> we finally made it. it has been a busy week out here on the roads. we are starting out the day nice and quiet. no problems to report right now
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south of 270. the lanes are open continuing out towards clarksburg. beltway is running smoothly between college park and bethesda. here we are live along 66 headed east of manassas headed in towards 28 centreville. overnight construction in the process of being cleared from the beltway at 236. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. . we are following breaking news right now from israel where police say an american tourist has opened fire at a hotel killing at least one person. this is happening in a resort city. they say the tourist fired a number of shots and the suspect is still inside the hotel near the red sea. we'll bring you updates as we get them. get them. . a health alert this morning. thirty-five cases of meningitis have now been reported across the country. five people have died including one each in maryland and virginia.
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meningitis attacks the lining of the brain and spinal cord. doctors say all of those infected received steroid injects for back pain. those injections were made by a pharmaceutical company in massachusetts which is now trying to recall some 17,000 doses. doctors say, unlike other forms of meningitis, this once not con tameious because it came from the contaminated steroid. >> it is very important for your listening audience to know that this meningitis is not transmissible person to person. >> here is what you need to look for. symptoms include dizziness and slurred speech. the president visits george mason university for what is called a grassroots event this morning. the obama campaign describes the visit as the president's plan to move america forward.
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the rally will be held at the center for the arts concert hall. doors open to the public and the president is expected to speak just before 11:00 a.m. republican nominee mitt romney is also in virginia again this morning. he is go to be at a campaign event in washington county on the north carolina border. yesterday, romney campaigned with country music legend trace adkins outside charlottesville. both candidates meet again in a up to hall debate in a week and a half. a half. . making headlines closer to home, four people are hurt in a fire in northwest d.c. one person had to jump from the window of an apartment building in the unit block of k street. they are in serious condition. a firefighter who was injured is expected to be okay. a popular shortcut to the fort totten metro station has become the site of several dangerous muggings. police say the most reent robberies occurred in broad daylight where victims were
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robbed of cash at gunpoint. several council members are working with transit and park police to come up with safe solutions such as more lighting. an alert for women in fairfax county now. police are looking for a suspected serial fondler. he has approached women and grabbed them before taking off. sherry ly has more. >> reporter: that fifth victim just came forward after police released information on this case. she was walking right here in this springfield neighborhood. this is the same place where another woman also said she was grabbed and groped by what police believe is a serial fondler. the man is described as a man in his 30s with dark eyes and a neatly trimmed beard. victims say he came up behind
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them, grabbed them and than he fondled them and runs away. he has victimized girls at three different streets in the springfield area. one teenaged victim said the man didn't say anything. >> i was walking. i saw a shadow on the sidewalk. and then i felt his arms around me. he start to touch me. i never met this guy before. i never saw him. the guy kept touching me for five second, around that. i push him back. i had time to look at him. i saw his face but he was wearing glasses and a red hat. he started running way towards the school. rotor suspect does not seem to have any particular pattern for when he strikes. women have been victimized morning, midday and at night. given the number victims so far, police believe there may
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be others still out there. back to you. >> thank you. a big national story this morning. it is being called one of largest medicare fraud cases in history. up next, details on a major bust. >> plus, the tough day on the job for the one construction worker left dangling. you can see him right there in the center of your screen. scary situation there. we'll have the details next.
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c1 . a dramatic rescue in the district. firefighters were called to the 14th and pennsylvania avenue northwest to help a construction worker left dangling after a scaffold gave watch the worker was wearing a harness. firefighters got him down with a bucket ladder. the worker was not seriously hurt. an investigate is under way to figure out why the scaffolding collapsed. the university of maryland is dealing with a bed bug problem. several students are reporting bed bugs in their apartment.
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the complaints stem back to the beginning of the semester when men noticed strange bites on their body. exterminators have been called to deal with the problem. a follower of convicted killer charles man son could be freed after 40 years in prison. bruce davis is turning 70 years old today and a parole board is recommending that he be released. daviss was convicted along with man son in two murders but they are not relatedded to the famous killing of sharon tate back in 1969. the board has four months to make a final decision. 91 people are arrested in one of the biggest medicare fraud cases to date. the fbi charged them with trying to bilk the government out of $430 million in false billings. doctors and nurses are among those arrested and they are accused of writing springs that disabled patients did not need and in some cases giving them food and cigarettes to attend programs that could be billed
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to the government. a ceremony 6 # years in the making, -- 68 years in the making. seven marines were returned home and laid to rest. they were buried together in one casket at arlington national cemetery. they say the proper burial brings them peace. >> he was 12 years older and he was always my hero as i was growing up. >> the pentagon used the dna from living relatives to positively identify the remains. 73,000 u.s. servicemen are still missing from world war ii. are you in the market for i anew home. coming up next, you could be in line for big help in the form of a down payment. >> plus, another mess at the reflexing pool t looks more like a drained swamp.
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we thought this was fixed. details this late project coming up. let's talk to tucker barnes. >> didn't they spend millions of dollars trying to get that thing straightened out. going to be a beautiful day. we are expecting high temperatures, about 80 degrees, lots of sunshine. cooler temperatures on the way for the weekend. we'll talk about that. julie wright has a look at the traffic coming up after the break. ♪
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. a 48-year-old building comes down in texas. it was the third tower of the old luminant power plant to be imploded. the first one came down in april. 95% of all the rubble will be recycled. the company plans to sell the property. if the city buys it, it may be used for a police or fire training facility. ng facility >> i was curious about what they would do with the property after they demolished something like that. >> it is great they can recycle all of it. >> absolutely. they'll use it for something it looks like. >> that's great. around here -- i was going to say something i probably shouldn't have. we'll talk about the weather. it will be beautiful today. >> you said a lot of things
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this morning already and it is only 4:45. >> i know. i got to pace myself. a much cooler weekend. on sunday, we have a lot going on. it will be chilly around here. our high temperatures only in the 50s afteren joying temperatures in the 80s. we'll be in the low 80s later today but it should be a great day for you. 64 in washington. sarah mentioned how much better it feels out there and it really does. it got much more comfortable overnight with the huge out and the cooler temperatures moving back in. 54 this morning out in manassas. 54 in gaithersburg. 55 in leonardtown. nice cool start to your day. a few fair weather clouds expected later today. our front from yesterday is now well south and east of us. we got that out of here. this cold front means business. it is the same chilly air mass that brought some early season winter weather to parts of northwest minneapolis minute yesterday and that will get in here during the second half of tomorrow, bring us a few showers around later saturday and then during the day on
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sunday, it will hang out right across the area and bring us some clouds with the potential for some chilly showers around here. sunday's afternoon high temperatures as i just mentioned will only be in the others so we'll have some big changes around here after today. 81 today, mostly sunny skies, less humidity than yesterday. gorgeous afternoon, winds north and west. cheering skies, cool overnight. there are your wind overnight at five. 76 tomorrow with a few late-day clouds and a few showers around tomorrow. most of tomorrow will be just fine. sunday, lots of clouds, showers around. high temperatures only in the mid- to upper 50s. overfight lows, plenty of us will in the 30s by monday morning. a slow rebound here as we get into the middle of the week. that is a look at weather. let's do some traffic and get the latest from julie wright. >> good morning to you. right now on the roads, we are concerned about our commute
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along glebe road not necessarily here at 395 where traffic is running smoothly but glebe road near route 1 between joyce and hay street. an earlier accident involving a utility pole that was knocked over. crews are on the scene right now hoping to reopen the southbound lanes right before 6:00. we got our fingers crossed on that. northbound glebe remains closed between joyce and haze. maybe they will open it by lunchtime. lanes are open between annandale and merrifield. southbound 270 still good to go out of hyattstown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. beginning today, more than 1,000 potential home buyers are expected to apply for some big help, up to $20,000 in down payment assistance is available through a new program that hopes to revitalize d.c. neighborhoods. the money is provided through a $7 million grant. the event begins today at 10:00
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a.m. and will run through tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. more problems at the reflecting pool. this is how it is supposed to look but after aggressive algae problems, the pool is empty. the problems started less than two months after a multimillion- dollar renovation project ended. maureen umeh has the story. >> reporter: four million gallons of water drained. the algae that had taken over the reflexing pool in front of the lincoln memorial mostly gone too. >> i decided to come down and see it, and it has been drained. >> reporter: now, they are in the pool carefully scrub ago way the mess. >> i have seen it before and it is beautiful and it is not beautiful when it is dirty. it is wonderful that they are cleaning it up. >> reporter: the pool had been closed for a two-year, $35 million renovation and was reengineered to draw river from the tidal basin instead of the
4:50 am
city drinking water. the system is supposed to keep it cleaner. the national park service spokesperson carol johnson says it did. she says what happened is that the level of ozone needed to prevent the algae from forming wasn't calibrated correctly. >> we had to do some tweaks, figure out how much ozone to inject into the water to kill the nutrients that the algae feeds on. because we had it too low at the beginning, algae took hold. >> i used to clean pools as an engineer and i know what can happen with this. one little change and the algae is everywhere. >> reporter: it will take a few days for the clean-up to be completed and then three more days for the pool to he refilled. all of the work costing about $100,000. the money coming out of the national park service's maintenance budget. >> this is a maintenance issue. we have to do this once a euro. we had to do it sooner than we thought. >> reporter: the renovation project included reunforcing the bottom of the pool to
4:51 am
prevent millions of gallons from leaking out every month. it included new led lights. the green project turning green wasn't in the plans. >> i think it is money well spent. unfortunately, we have these mishaps along the way. >> the national park service says the warm weather and even the derecho which upset nutrients at the bottom of the lakes and reflectle pool led to this problem. they say algae doubles in size every four hours making it a very formidable foe. it's big problem. >> the derecho doing a lot more damage than we thought. efforts to clean up the city one windshield at a time. >> coming up next a proposal to crack down on flyers left on car windshields. does the proposal go too far? stay with us. we'll talk about that at 4:51.  i don't spend money
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you have probably seen them scattered near the nightclubs downtown or left on partnered cars. now, a d.c. council member wants to crack down on flyers left on windshields. >> residents are tired of picking them up. matt ackland has the story. >> reporter: they make a huge mess, those flyers left on car windshields that often end up on the ground littering streets and sidewalks. councilmember jim graham hears the complaint from people sick of cleaning them up. >> there are a lot of them. >> graham is proposing legislation to stop what he thinks leads to littering, fining those who place the flyers on the windshield. >> we want to look at who else can issue the violations. our traffic control officers, our parking control officers, might very well be authorized to do t. >> reporter: what graham is proposing could come with a
4:55 am
legal challenge some. think it could violate freedom of speech. >> i don't think putting a flyer under a windshield wiper is littering. >> arthur spitzer says it has been reviewed by judges in other parts of the country. >> a number of places have looked at this. three out of the federal courts of appeal say the law violates the first amendment. one of the courts thought it was okay. >> reporter: graham has worked with the council's attorney to draft the legislation. neither want to violate the constitution. they just want to clean up the city. >> i believe in freedom of speech but i think there is an opportunity here to regulate this. >> reporter: graham says his ears are open and he looks forward to a public discussion. he wants to hear from both sides. coming up, something that
4:56 am
hasn't happened to a redskins rook rookie in more than a decade. >> sports breakfast coming up next.
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sit for the first time since chris samuels did it 12 years ago, a redskin has been named the nfl offensive rookivity month. rg iii received the honor after posting 1300 all-purpose yards during the month of september and the second highest quarterback rating in the nfc. >> the redskins defense has its hands full this weekend. atlanta's matt ryan has the highest quarterback rating in the nfc. he is second in touchdown passes and completions.
4:59 am
>> they have a really good running back and two receivers. they are explosive guys and they can make all the catches. they have maybe the greatest all-time tight end that ever played. it's great challenge for us. again, we've played some pretty good offenses. this is another challenge. good thing it is at home. hope we have our fans did he hyped us and that will help us out. to baseball now, the nats will learn who they will face in the playoffs. gio gonzalez scheduled to pitch on sunday. >> he won the warren spahn award. he could also win the cy young award. now, whether that is in st. louis or atlanta, we will find out later on today when the cards and braves meet in the wild card game. the nats clinched home field advantage with wednesday's regular season finale win w the new format, they play the first two playoff games on the road and last three at home.
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